SEEKING FOREVER HOME FOR A TRULY “YUKON” DOG IN NEED! Kona’s Coalition and YARN are teaming up for one amazing husky!

This gorgeous 2 year old neutered male husky is “Dinjik”…. In Gwich’in this means Moose. More than one person has hoped he would make a good sled dog… Unfortunately, although he loves running “with you”…. He has no interest in actually “pulling” you Thanks…

He has cushier things in mind… For the last week he has been in a new foster home – living the good life as an indoor dog – and “Omigosh this will do nicely” he says. He’s a different dog… as these pictures show.

His foster says: “He’s lovely in the house…. His coat is beautiful… you definitely want to pet and cuddle him like a big toy and the feeling is mutual. Yet his coat isn’t so thick that he’s uncomfortable. He’d make a fine house husky. When he has jumped up, it is gentle and I just push him back and say “No”. He loves people and is picking things up really quickly!

“Oh and he LOVES the truck. He sits in the backseat and watches out the back window… facing the wrong way. It’s adorable! I left him in there while we went out for dinner and he was fine.”

Dinjik’s foster got some feedback from a Quest vet and a handler…. He is at least part Malamute. They are generally solitary animals and male/male aggression is common… (Dinjik did show aggression towards the un-altered males at a previous foster home where he was living outdoors). But they can be paired with a female and they do love people.

Dinjik’s ideal home would be a family that has some Husky experience, who have no other dogs, or perhaps only one well-adjusted female. No other small pets and only older children. Preference would go to a home with high, secure fencing to keep him safe… And to an owner who will commit to an ongoing training program to work on Dinjik’s food aggression and male dog aggression. He will need daily exercise to keep him well adjusted and happy.

Send us a message if you would like to meet Dinjik. All potential adopters are required to submit an adoption application.

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