Hello – My name is Finn. Due to illness and major changes in my family – I find myself needing a new home…. Here is what my old family says about me:

Finn is about 85 pounds, 3.5 years old, and adopted from the Whitehorse Humane Society when he was a puppy. We think he’s a Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees cross (we were originally told he’s a Samoyed). He’s neutered and up to date with all his shots (annual shots are due in November), and housebroken, and crate trained.

He’s a super friendly dog and loves meeting new people and dogs. If he’s not in a heel, he will run up to new people to say hello. He can go a little crazy when meeting new dogs or seeing dogs he hasn’t played with in a while. He loves playing with dogs and is not at all aggressive, although he can be overwhelming to gentler dogs. He loves cats but may try to be friendlier (I.e. licking and sniffing) than some cats appreciate. Finn does bark, but rarely.

Finn isn’t super high energy (unless playing with dogs) but definitely needs his daily walks. Being in a fenced yard all day is not enough for Finn – he needs walks. When he was younger and got bored or left alone too long, he would chew and ruin things. It’s still a behaviour to watch out for, but it’s much improved (especially if he gets adequate walks!). When content, Finn spends much of his time sleeping.

On leash, Finn has a good heel – treats are required, but he’ll walk past other dogs and people easily. On leash his recall is very good (off leash it’s not as good). Finn knows how to sit, go down, leave it, wait, and may remember some of the other commands he was taught as a puppy but hasn’t practiced. When he was younger, and we practiced more, his stay and recall were very good.

Finn’s not always trustworthy off leash – most of the time he returns when called but if there’s something exciting he won’t return. When on leash, he sometimes pulls.

Finn has a bit of a limp in one shoulder if he runs around too much (which he will do if playing with other dogs). Some supplements may help with that.

Finn’s coat requires maintenance – he has a lot of fur! It needs brushing weekly (daily at sometimes of the year), but frequent baths aren’t necessary.

Finn would be good with kids but is quite large and doesn’t know his size, so he may knock unsteady toddlers over. We have baby twins and he’s so gentle with them – the worst he does is lick them a lot.

Overall Finn is a lovely dog and super friendly with people and animals. He’s big and requires attention and can get quite excited sometimes. He would be a great dog in a household that enjoys walking (but not epic hikes every day) and would love to have other dogs for buddies.

All potential adopters are required to submit an adoption application and be approved.

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