Lady & Tanner

Lady & Tanner


Lady & Tanner are looking for a fur-ever home – preferably together…. They have always had each other… They have been at the same foster home for months now…. But not because of any problems with them… Lady is a smaller Husky who was spayed when she arrived. And Tanner a Chihuahua/Jack Russell Cross?, was neutered by YARN in September.
Their very patient foster mom has this to say about Lady & Tanner…

Lady: Loves walks, and bike rides. She talks a lot, especially when she wants to go outside and wants to be pet. She barks when people come to the door at the house but, not incessantly. She is very snuggly and a big suck. She likes other animals and is very docile but, she does chase cats and smaller dogs if they run away. She has never hurt anything. She likes to guard her food, but she isn’t aggressive about it. She likes to have a kennel where she can go lay in, especially if things get loud. She needs to be leashed at all times because she’s likes to go and explore on her own but, has come back every time she’s gotten away. I think with some proper training she could easily be trained off leash. She loves to wrestle and play with her little best buddy, Tanner. She is a wonderful dog with a very friendly temperament.

Tanner: Loves, loves to chase me on my bike. He has a TON of energy and can easily out run Lady. Tanner also loves to chew and with or without sufficient exercise, he will need chew toys. Tanner does bark at men especially and anyone that comes to the door but, he is getting better especially with the door. He is more comfortable with women but he isn’t aggressive with anyone, just scared. Tanner is the snuggliest, and loves to burrow under the blankets and nap on you. He does need to be taken outside every couple hours, as he wasn’t potty trained when we got him but, he has improved immensely. He is more comfortable when lady is around, which is why I think they should be adopted together.

They may seem like an odd pair but, they both love to be outside and exercise, and they both love all types of weather, with the right outer wear for tanner of course. They do need to be kennelled when you are away and, they also both sleep in the kennel, which they are fine with. I also kennelled them together, as that’s what they were most comfortable with.

Lady and Tanner are in Watson Lake. They could be moved to Whitehorse if a family was willing to foster them, so they could meet potential fur-ever families. All potential adopters are required to submit an adoption application and be approved.

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