Strawberry is a male from YARN's Berry Litter.
Strawberry is a male from YARN’s Berry Litter.

Hello – I am “Strawberry” – a 6 week old Male from YARN’s Berry Litter. My mom looks to be a Heeler/Husky Cross. Dad was a one night stand and mom ain’t talkin’… YARN thinks we will be Medium to Large size dogs. We are in Whitehorse at a foster home if you would like to meet us…

We are ready to go to our new homes on December 15th… All of our adoptions must be pre-arranged, because YARN will not adopt out any animals from December 17th to January 1st. Just like most reputable animal rescues, we do not believe gift animals are a good idea.

If you are interested in adopting , please submit an adoption application.

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