Zak George has a series of training videos covering all topics.

Having a trained dog is not only more fun, but safer for them, so if possible it’s best to see a professional trainer. Many YARN dogs go to programs at Top Dog Training Academy. Owner/trainer Jackie is a Professional Certified Dog trainer & behaviourist in Whitehorse (and occasional YARN rescue volunteer).

Specializing in aggressive & obsessive behaviors. Biting, barking, chewing, digging, guarding, jumping, inappropriate elimination, leash pulling, anxiety, begging, chasing and more. Behavior modification, positive reinforcement training, and dog psychology. Focusing on well balanced family dogs. Basic & advanced obedience training. Home visits, private & small group sessions.

Top Dog Training Academy's Facebook page.
Top Dog Training Academy’s Facebook page.

Teaching a puppy to be gentle

Puppies are naturally excited little creatures with an abundance of energy. When they have been restricted like in a kennel – they need to be taught to wear off their energy while being gentle.

Read more: how to teach puppies to be gentle.

How to kennel train a puppy

It takes time for a puppy’s bladder to grow. Young pups stop wherever they are and go. You see how often when their Mom stops cleaning it up. Their bladders get bigger as they grow. But an 8 week old pup may still do it every hour (or less).Read more: how to kennel train a puppy.

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