Marley is a friendly Medium Sized dog, who is 8 years old…. He is not neutered yet, so that will be the first order of business. His adoption fee will be exactly the cost of neutering him.

Neutering him will also help with his dislike of some male dogs. He gets along with females and neutered males. He also is good with cats once they get used to each other…. He is very good with kids. He is house-broken but likes spending time outside.

He knows several tricks/commands like: Lay Down, Up, Go to sleep, Spin, Shake a Paw, Stay, Gentle and Heel.

He likes to run off, but if he likes where he is, then he doesn’t wander. Again – neutering along with a securely fenced yard, and 100% leashing policy should take care of that anyways – at least until recall is proven.

Comment below or message YARN if you would like to meet Marley. If you are interested in adopting him, you would need to submit an adoption application and be approved.

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