Hello…. My name is “Organdy”…. I am the mother of YARN’s Fabric Litter. I did a great job of raising my babies and they have all found their fur-ever homes… Now it’s my turn.

I am about the happiest girl you will meet… My whole bum wags when I see you… I might have received some rough treatment in my past, as I tend to turn over and show you my tummy first thing…. I get along with all other dogs and I seek any kind of human attention – because my main goal is to be loved… I am a medium sized dog and YARN thinks I’m about 2 years old. I was an outdoor only dog up until 3 months ago when I came to YARN pregnant… I have done well at YARN – learning how to live in a house was not very hard for me. I may still need some direction about house-training… and I might still steal a bit of food – if you leave it where I can reach it… until I am sure I will always be fed. YARN does not know how I am around cats or children… But I am a very friendly girl who shows no signs of aggression at all.

I am in Watson Lake now… I have a ride to Whitehorse on Dec 20th – to either my new home, or a foster home where I could meet potential adopters.

All potential adopters are required to submit an adoption application and be approved. 

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