10 dogs saved from roadside

In rural Yukon, a harvester spots a puppy in a box by the road. He finds not one but eight abandoned pups. In the rain, and miles from anywhere. The poor little dears are hungry, thirsty and crying for their mom. The puppies are taken to the YARN sanctuary nearby. Meanwhile, tourists find and rescue a soaked and distressed mom and pup in a ditch nearby. The mom is taken to the YARN nursery. She is upset and missing her pups. Pups all happy to meet mom again!

Ronin the malamute loves getting brushed

This big boy is well ready to lose some fur for the summer.

Zemmie’s rescue

Zemmie was lost in the Yukon wilderness, 500-km away from home and alone and frightened. Two weeks had passed, and Watson Lake residents rallied to find her. After a reported sighting at the dump, the town’s dog catcher Andy set a trap, which was baited with the owner’s clothing for scent. The trap was a success, and Zemmie, frightened but in good health, was reunited with her owner.

Stuck cat rescue

YARN was contacted about a cat in distress, stuck up a tall tree. Ravens had been dive bombing her and she was terrified. After some hair-raising moments, the cat was put into a crate and lowered down. Her owner was happy to get her back, she’d been missing for 10 days.

See more animal rescue videos on the YARN YouTube channel.

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